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Located in historical Old Downtown Carrollton, Texas

Located 1 block east of Interstate 35 approximately 30 minutes north of Dallas, Texas and 20 minutes east of Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport.

Hours: map
Mon.– Sat. 10:00-5:00 p.m.
Closed on Sundays

1110 W. Main Street
Carrollton, TX 75006

To contact us:
Fax: 972-245-0407


Other Great Places on the Square:

When you come to the square to visit The Old Craft Store, be sure to visit some of the other great places on the square. Find out what Historic Downtown Carrollton has to offer by visiting

17 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. Can I sign up online for classes or should I come in? I want to sign up for the Star Storm class.

  2. Hello Carla,
    I would like to let you know that we now have all of our classes being offered over the summer online, for online registration/purchase! You can sign up for classes, pick your dates, and purchase the pattern through our Shop Products page.
    Happy Quilting!

  3. What does your license plate mean? Two of us have thought and can’t come up with the meaning of QLTN@SWITCHYD.

  4. Hello Carol,
    When Carrollton incorporated in 1913, the Square was the center of a thriving community with rail access in every direction leading the area to be know as the switchyard. The Old Craft Store is located on the corner of the square off Main Street so for the Row by Row Experience the store chose QLTN@SWITCHYD to represent Historic Downtown Carrollton! I hope this helps!
    Happy Quilting !

  5. Do you have Kente or African prints cloth available?
    Also, do you sell samples or pieces of fabrics?

  6. Hello Ben,
    Unfortunately we do not carry Kente or African prints in store. But we do offer sample cuts of fabrics off the bolt if you are looking to make sure the fabrics mix well together or in the space you are putting your quilt or project. We hope this helps answer your question. Please feel free to message us at or give us a call in store at 972-242-9111 if you have any more questions!
    Happy Quilting!

  7. Yes we do Christine! Moda Grunge retails for $11.75 and we have a wide array of colors to choose from.
    Moda Grunge

  8. I am looking for a beginning sewing class I can take with my granddaughter. She got a sewing machine for her birthday and wants to learn.
    Thank you
    Marcia Harbour

  9. Hello Marcia Harbour,
    We have just added our new class schedule (for September-December) to our “Classes” tab in our menu. Feel free to check it out and see all the classes that we will be offering this fall/winter! If you have any questions about skill level or beginner classes after looking through our selections, please give us a call in store @ 972-242-9111 we would be happy to give a specific recommendation.
    Happy Quilting!

  10. I purchased fabric that is a deep red almost burgundy color with very small music notes, which I did not realize that is what was on the fabric. It was close to the front door entrance. I am at work and don’t remember the name of it, and I am looking for something to go with it. Any ideas on what fabric it is?

  11. We think you may be referring to our collection by Clothwork called “Love Song” that we have featured near the front of the store. We’ve included a picture of the fabric we think you may be referring to as well as the collection so that you may get an idea of something that may go well with it.
    Moda Grunge Moda Grunge

    If this fabric isn’t the Fabric you’re talking about, we would love to help you out still. Please either email us at with a photo of the fabric you are referring to, or bring a swatch into store and we would love to help you find a great corresponding fabric!

  12. Hello,
    We will be mailing out our Newsletter with the new Winter 2018 Class Schedule starting on December 23rd and will be available to view on the website under – CLASSES – tab soon after!
    Happy Quilting!

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