We’ve had some exciting news!

           Here at The Old Craft Store we love meeting new customers and catching up with returning ones! We enjoy hearing all of your stories and sharing in making your experience at The Old Craft Store the best that it can be. Whether it be helping you with a current project, picking out a new project, or just enjoying the new samples we put up with the different seasons and events, we strive to always make your experience here a good one!

           Though it is not something we ask of customers, it is fantastic when we have people share their experience at The Old Craft Store with others, as it helps our small business thrive. We wanted to spotlight this week the amazing write up and great pictures that The Artisans’s Apprentice has taken the time and effort to put on their blog post! It is a great post and worth taking a look! Click the photo below or the text to check out the blog post!

The Artisan's ApprenticeThe Artisan’s Apprentice